The Journey Of Traveling To All 30 MLB Stadiums: St. Louis

On Sunday afternoon Amanda and I went to Busch Stadium. This is technically my 6th stadium but since Detroit was rained out it is my 5th. We went to Ballpark village first, which is right outside of their stadium. It’s this really cool bar area that has a couple floors and there is even areas to watch the game from. It’s a really cool atmosphere. Cleveland should invest in this because I am incredibly jealous. I can’t even imagine that area during playoffs. Probably incredible!

Here are some pictures of Ballpark Village:

The stadium is really big compared to Progressive Field. We sat in section 433 for about three innings, but Megan, Nina, and Jesse (Megan’s sister and brother in-law) had redbird club seats so we managed to get in there and had nicer seats for the rest of the game. Amanda and I bought the cheapest tickets for this game. They were only about $11 and then tax. These seats were section 240 something I believe. These aren’t like our clubs seats at Progressive Field because there isn’t free food with the tickets and stuff.  I’m not a big beer person if you didn’t know and I had to search very hard to get angry orchard, but I finally did and I was happy. They didn’t have a race like we do at Progressive field with Ketchup, Mustard, and Onion (One of my favorite parts of course).

Here are the seat differences (The section we first sat in is on the left and then we moved down and that was the redbird club section):

Overall I enjoyed my time in the stadium and this even might be one of my favorite stadiums so far just because of the Ballpark Village area. It’s so cool. The stadium itself is pretty awesome too. If you want to adventure to a stadium I suggest Busch Stadium. It’s one hell of a ballpark and one hell of a good time. Even though Amanda got yelled at by fans because she was shouting for J.D Martinez who was just traded from Detroit to the Arizona Dimondbacks. She even made a sign for him. However, Go Tribe!


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