The Journey Of Traveling To All MLB Stadiums: Kansas City

Let me start by saying I made fun of Kansas City and the stadium before I got there. I basically thought it would be the lamest stadium and that there would possibly be tumbleweeds rolling by. But let me tell you how Kauffman stadium and Kansas City exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Kauffman stadium is my favorite stadium I’ve been to so far. I’ve been to technically 7 now (Detroit was rained out). 

The stadium isn’t actually in the city. It’s kind of in the middle of no where to be honest. The Chiefs stadium is right next to it too. There’s a massive parking lot for both stadiums around the entire stadium. The parking situation was actually really confusing. It makes you go through a toll with an actual person but we told him we were from out of town and that Megan was just dropping us off so we didn’t have to pay the $15. Megan didn’t go to the game because she obviously just doesn’t appreciate baseball like Amanda and I do! The parking after the game was confusing too. We had to walk all the way out past the parking lots to find Megan’s car because she couldn’t get in to pick us up. 
Now let’s talk about the actual stadium. Incredible. I loved everything about it. From the people to the stands. It was not what I was expecting. Our seats were high up but we were directly behind home plate so they were really nice seats. We could see the entire stadium. They have a beautiful water fountain in the outfield that changes when there is a homerun or something good happens for the Royals. They actually had Reds the alcohol beverage at every stand which made me happy because St. Louis didn’t and I had to hike to find it. IF ONLY I liked beer! It’s a real struggle not liking beer. I’ve tried so hard to like it but it’s just not in the cards for me!  

If you’re looking for a recommendation on an MLB stadium this it it. I know it’s super random, but you will not regret it. They had a kids area with a small baseball field for kids to play on, a carosole, and a putt putt place. They also had a Kansas City Royals Hall of Fame Musuem which was so cool!!! This stadium is just different than the rest of the stadiums I’ve been to.

After the game we went to the actual city of Kansas City. I also thought that this would be lame but of course it wasn’t. They had a cool bar area similar to East Fourth Street in Cleveland but bigger. There was a concert going on too. They have these bars that bump into this outside pavillionish area. That’s where the concert was. So cool! We ate at a pizza place called Homeslice. The pizza was okay! Nothing too special but I’m happy we were able to see the city since we only stayed there one night. We stayed in a suburb outside of Kansas City that was actually in Kansas. The stadium and the city is in Missouri. A little confusing if you ask me! It was cheaper to stay outside of the city so that’s what we did to save money. I’m actually in the car as we speak almost to Denver! You’ll hear all about Denver don’t worry. I’ll blog when I can but sometimes it’s hard. I haven’t had service most of the way through Kansas City! It’s been rough. On our way to Colorado we also stopped at a place called Oz Winery like the Wizard of Oz. I got three bottles of wine because they are so cute. 

Here are some pictures from Kauffman Stadium and Kansas City:


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