The Journey Of Traveling To All MLB Stadiums: Denver

I’m a little behind on my blog posts. I’m finally home from my road trip and I’ve been a bit busy and a mix of exhausted. Don’t worry I am going to try to catch up this week. Starting with the Rockies stadium!

My friend Libby moved to Denver for graduate school and we visited her for a couple of days.  She doesn’t live in downtown Denver, but she still lives in Denver. She has a great location. We arrived in Denver around 7:00pm. We were exhausted but somehow managed to rally together and go out. We went out two nights in Denver. The first night we went out was in downtown Denver, which it was actually right by the stadium. This area was called ballpark district. But I believe it also had a couple of other names as well. It was similar to West 6th in Cleveland, just bigger and a lot more options/bars. They also had a lot of rooftop bars. Something that Cleveland lacks. The rooftop bars were HUGE. One thing I liked about going out in Denver is the fact that there was a lot of different vibes. What I mean by that is that there was different bars for whatever mood you were feeling and they were all right by each other. They had dancing bars or bars where you just wanted to sit and have a drink with some friends. Cleveland isn’t like that. West 6th is where you go if you want to dance. And if you don’t want to dance than The Flats, Ohio City, or Lakewood is your best options. And those areas aren’t really close to one another. So it was cool that you could get whatever vibe you wanted all in one or two streets. The second night we went out on a street called South Broadway. This was more of a have drinks and chill with your friends area, but then we went to a bar called the Irish Rover and it was a dancing bar. WEIRD, but kinda awesome. The only thing I didn’t like about the bars were they closed so early. They kicked you out at 1:30-1:45am. Usually in Cleveland we don’t get kicked out until 2:15-2:30am. I really enjoyed going out in Denver. It is a very hipster scene.

At a rooftop bar in downtown Denver.

Enough about going out in Denver (even though I highly recommend it). Let’s talk about the stadium. If you don’t know Denver’s elevation level is a lot higher than you would be used to if you don’t live in Denver. The elevation level is actually 5,280 ft above sea level. Some people get sick if they aren’t used to it. I was okay for the most part. I just felt like I was out of breath the entire time I was there. Especially at the game. When we were walking up the stairs I thought I was going to pass out (maybe not actually but still I felt like I was very out of shape [more than usual]). They actually have purple seats around the stadium, which means they are a mile high (5,280 ft). Crazy, right? Our seats were in right field. The stadium is called Coors field if you didn’t know. It didn’t beat Kansas City or St. Louis, but it was still really cool. Of course the day we go it’s super humid (it’s never humid there) and super foggy out (which means you cannot see the mountains in the background). Amanda and I have decided that we are bad luck because every team we root for always loses. We were rooting for the Rockies and they lost. They were playing the Phillies too (who suck). The Rockies are doing really well, but they are still 18 games back from the Dodgers. Can the Dodgers just stop being so good or what.

Recommendations if you’re planning on going to Coors Field:

  • Bring water (lots and lots of water).
  • Find the escalator and stop taking the stairs every time you want to go down to the lower part of the stadium. Or just get lower seats.
  • Dress for the weather. I wore jeans and I was sweating my booty off. I also got burnt because apparently Denver is closer to the sun.
  • Pack food along with the water to save you some money. Although I did get a hamburger and fries for $10. The water was $6 though…so for sure bring your own water.
  • Hopefully you go on a day where you can see the mountains. So enjoy the breathtaking view.



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