Camino: West 9th Street

A couple of weeks ago my parents, Abby, and Megan all went to Camino on West 9th street. It’s another taco and tequila restaurant. I wasn’t joking when I said we are trying all the taco places in downtown Cleveland (Lakewood will be next!). We only have one more restaurant to try in downtown Cleveland by the pier I believe. Don’t quote me on that though.

This restaurant is a street over from all the bars we go to on Friday and Saturday (West 6th Street) and it’s right before you go down into The Flats. When I looked Camino up online I thought it was going to be a “nicer” taco place and a lot bigger. But it is a pretty small taco restaurant and pretty casual. They had a happy hour but it was buy a drink and get your taco for $2. Barrio has the best happy hour ever. If you didn’t know Barrio had a happy hour then you must go RIGHT NOW. From 4-7pm and from 9pm-???( I’ve been there really late and they still do the happy hour) their margs are 4-5$. I feel like I need to stop comparing everything to Barrio, but it’s just so hard because I want every taco place to be like Barrio.

Anyways, let’s talk about Camino. I ordered two tacos and I also had a marg. For the table we ordered guac. The guac was really good, but super small. Not enough for a group of people. Hell I could of ate the entire thing by myself. The tacos would of been really good if they didn’t have a flour shell! They had two flour shells actually, which made it even worse. I got one steak taco and one pork taco. I liked them both but I just wish they were’t flour tacos and that they had hardshell tacos. My favorite taco is when they have a hardshell with a soft shell. And it’s even better when there is blanco queso in between or even refried beans! Wow I am making myself super hungry. The marg was pretty good here too. It was pretty big if I am comparing it to Barrio. I don’t remember the price now, but I think it was around $7, which is normal for a marg. I just got the house marg too because that’s always the cheapest one. The tequila however did remind of margaritaville tequila which I THINK is kinda gross. I’m not a huge tequila person in general though. Except in my margs!

Have you tried any new restaurants lately? Let me know! I love to try new places (kinda).


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