The Journey Of Traveling To All MLB Stadiums: Chicago (White Soxs)

We ended our amazing road trip in Chicago. Yes, we drove from Denver, Colorado to Chicago, Illinois. Do I even have to tell you how horrible of a drive it was? How Amanda, Megan, and I were about to kill one another? I can save all those gory details for one of my upcoming blog posts about the DO’s and DONT’s of road tripping. Look for that post soon!

Chicago is hands down the best city ever (sorry NYC). I mean it with all my heart. I love Chicago. Mom and Dad–if you’re reading this why couldn’t you guys be from a suburb of Chicago and not Cleveland?? JK. You know I love Cleveland way to much to think that. I got my roots in Cleveland always. However, I wouldn’t mind to move to Chicago one day…if I am cool enough/rich enough to live there. This would be my third time going to Chicago. But my first time not staying in the city. We were already on a tight budget so going to Chicago to end our road trip was pushing our luck (or money). We stayed in Deerfield/Northbrook area, which is North of Chicago. It’s around 30-40 minute drive to the city. However, it took us an hour to get to the city in our Lyft. The traffic is one thing I would not like about Chicago, but hopefully I would live downtown so I wouldn’t have to worry about that, right? Megan stayed in our hotel while Amanda and I went to the city. We stayed in the Red Roof Inn. When we first pulled up we were afraid of the place, but it was actually really nice and remodeled on the inside. It was set up like a motel so the rooms were on the outside. Not my favorite. But overall all experience was good at the hotel!

When Amanda and I got to the city we walked around by the famous bean and the park and then we ate at Pizano’s pizza. I ate at this pizza place the first time I was in Chicago. They have great deep dish pizza. We had a couple of drinks and then went to walk down by the river. After we were done exploring we called our Lyft and went to the White Sox’s Stadium, which is South of Chicago. It took us a second to figure out how to get in the stadium and then we accidentally went up on a escalator, but we still ended up by the 100 level sections. We had really good seats for only $20! We were in right field and two rows up. These were there bleacher seats, but they are a lot better than Cleveland’s bleacher seats. The only thing about these seats were that you couldn’t see the scoreboard. Although they did have a couple of large screens, you just couldn’t see the main one where they show everything. They didn’t have a lot of people at the game. I thought it was weird for being Chicago and having so many people. But the White Soxs are in last place so that could do it. We were so close the players could hear you (like actually hear you!). I know this because we had a really annoying guy in our section screaming at the Houston Astros center fielder and eventually during the bottom of the 8th inning he responded to him. AND then he yelled at the White Soxs center fielder and asked him “What are Saturdays for?” and he shouted back “The boys!!”. He was super annoying the entire game but that was actually pretty cool.

However, we were rooting for the Astros and they lost 7-0.  We’re starting to think we are bad luck because every team we root for they lose. But I couldn’t root for the White Sox! They are in our division and I just don’t like them in general. Overall the stadium was OK. It wasn’t anything too crazy. It was similar to Progressive Field in some ways. I still think Progressive Field is better, but that’s just my opinion. I mean Progressive wins regardless because they have a Barrio inside of it.

Recommendations for Guaranteed Rate Field:

  • The bleacher seats are worth it! And if you sit closer to left field you will be directly by the bull pen.
  • If you are taking an Uber/Lyft home make sure they know that there is an actual spot for them to pull up and park. Our Lyft driver did not and we had to run around the stadium trying to find him.
  • If it is dollar dog night do not get their hot dogs. They were disgusting. Amanda and I took one bite and then threw them away.
  • Have fun and enjoy the game!

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