Settling Into A New Apartment

Well guys this is the fourth apartment I have lived in so far. Moving every year has not been the plan but that’s just how it has happened. The first three years I lived in downtown Cleveland, but now I moved to Lakewood–technically I still live in Cleveland (or Edgewater) but I am no longer downtown. Moving every year has been tough and settling into a new place is never easy. I’m finally all settled into my bedroom. It looks great! There’s are a couple of things that I want to add to the kitchen and living room, but I don’t have the money for that now. It was hard because after I moved into this new place I was about to leave for vacation and I also wanted to spend some time at home with my parents before I am back at school for the semester. So I haven’t spend a lot of time here yet, but now I am all settled in so I will be!

It’s hard to now what won’t and will work from your old apartment. For example, I had dividers at the old apartment but now I don’t need them. We also don’t have air in the new place. We thought that maybe since we are by the lake that it wouldn’t be that bad. But I could not take it. It’s so hot in our apartment. I think the problem is that we are on the fourth floor. But when it’s humid outside , you can tell. So I got an air conditioner for my room, that way I can sleep and not sweat my butt off. I also noticed that it was bright in my room without curtains, so I got room darkening curtains. I think one of the key things when you move into a new place is moving in and then seeing what you need. It’s hard to do everything before you move in because you don’t know what the new place is like.

Settling into a new apartment tips:

  • Shop at Tj Max, Marshalls, Homegoods, or Amazon for cheap items for your home. Another good place is At Home. These store offer quality stuff at a low price. I could spend my entire day in these stores (well not Amazon obviously) but I could look on Amazon all day as well.
  • Don’t count out stores like Ollies either! I found a really cheap rug runner for our hallway there. Rugs are expensive!
  • If you buy something that doesn’t work for your new place take it back! I have done that so many times and then I forget to take it back. All those little things can add up and cost you big bucks.
  • If you moved to a new area then you should try to get familiar with the area. Yesterday Abby and I walked across the street from our apartment and found out that the Cleveland sign is there with a beautiful view of Cleveland. Get comfortable with the area it makes it a lot easier to settle in that way.
  • Setting up your bathroom and kitchen makes your place a lot more homey.
  • Get air fresheners of your favorite scents (I get them from Bath and Body Works). It makes your place feel more like home. And Bath and Body Works released their fall scents and I couldn’t be happier!
  • Make your place cozy! Whatever that means to you do it. It makes it a lot easier to get used to staying in an unfamiliar place when you’re comfortable with how it looks.
  • Get your place ready to have people over and throw a house warming party. Abby and I are doing that next week. We invited all of our friends over for a wine night.

These are just some of the things I have learned over the last four years of moving every year. It has helped a lot and now I feel right at home in my new place!


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