DIY: Painting Wood Dresser

I had this dresser that I loved the style of it, but the wood wasn’t working for me anymore. It was my great grandmas and is from the 1950’s. The style is definitely back in, but not the wood or the knobs. So instead of getting a new dresser I decided to paint mine. After deciding between gray or white, I landed on gray since it will match my desk and hopefully I can paint my bedside table to match this eventually. This is definitely a project. It took me a couple of months because I wasn’t able to work on it everyday and paint does need time to dry.

The first thing I had to do was sand down the dresser, but before you sand down the dresser I made sure I cleaned it off really well. I used TSP cleaner that I bought from Home Depot. It was powder and all I had to do was add water.  It was a little difficult to sand the drawers. As you can see two of the drawers have wood imbedded in them, so sanding that down was definitely difficult. I needed to make sure every little area was sanded down. It doesn’t need to be sanded down super hard, just enough so you can paint it. From there I primed it Rust-oleum Painter Touch Ultra Cover Primer from Home Depot. I used two coats and you should let it dry for 6 hours+. You need to make sure it is completely dry before painting it again. In addition, you need to make sure there aren’t any drips or excessive paint that is just sitting there because it will dry thick and then you will have to sand it down again and repaint it.  I had to do that more than a couple of times. Believe me, I am not an expert painter in anyway. But I am very happy with how my dresser turned out.

The third step is to paint the dresser with the color you want. I used Behr Premium Plus Statin blocking paint and primer in one from Home Depot. As I said before I picked gray. I got all my products at Home Depot,  CLICK HERE TO BUY PAINT FROM HOME DEPOT. I played this by ear with how many coats I used. It dries darker than when you are putting it on. After my three coats and making sure I didn’t have any drips, I used a protective coat on the dresser. I used Varathane Ultimate Polyurethane from Home Depot. I used two coats with the protective cover and let it seat for two hours each time. Lastly, I bought rose flower knobs from amazon, CLICK HERE TO BUY KNOBS FROM AMAZON. They are going to match well with the rose bedroom bench I have that goes in front of my bed. As you can tell from the photo I haven’t sanded down and painted the legs of the dresser. I finished everything first, so that way I can take off the legs and do them individually because I find that will be easier.





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