A Simple Favor Book Review

Title: A Simple Favor
Author: Darcey Bell
Genre: Mystery
Published Date: March 21, 2017

I didn’t know this was a book until I saw the trailer for the movie. I thought that the movie looked so good, so of course I googled to see if it was a book first and lucky me it was! I absolutely loved this book. If I was rating books I would give this book a 11/10, which is such a high rating for me. I saw some bad reviews about this book, but I’m not sure why, because I really enjoyed it. It was a page turner. I think I finished it in one day, on a Friday night with some wine of course. Let me tell you now that I did already see the movie too, but I did read the book first. I am just a little behind on my book reviews. I will dive into the movie in a little bit.

The main characters in the book are Stephanie and Emily. In the book Stephanie is a mommy blogger (in the movie she is a vlogger, which means she is a video blogger). Stephanie is a single mom. Her husband died in a car accident. Stephanie is a captain mom, as Emily describes her, because she wants everything to me perfect all the time. She signs up for absolutely anything she can get her hands on at the school her son Miles goes to. Miles best friend is a kid named Nicky, who just so happens to be Emily’s mom. Emily is described as this perfect, beautiful women, that is mysterious. Stephanie and Emily end up becoming best friends. Every Friday they drink wine together and share their dirty secrets. Was Stephanie right to trust her best friend Emily with her secrets??

One day Emily asks Stephanie if she will watch her son Nicky because she is stuck at work. Of course Stephanie says she will, I mean what are best friends for, right? But then Emily never comes back. Weeks go by and no one hears from her, not even her husband Sean. Stephanie ends up reaching out to her followers on her blog and she shares her story, and her blog ends up going viral. But then the police find Emily dead and nothing seems to make sense to Stephanie. Stephanie begins to question the person she thought was her best friend. Who is this woman that Stephanie thought she was best friends with? The simple favor she thought that Emily was asking her ends up not being a simple as she thought.

I thought this book was absolutely fantastic. I really recommend it if you like mysterious. I could not put this book down. As I said it before, I read this book in like one day. I loved it! Now I also mentioned that I did see the movie. I thought the movie was absolutely fantastic as well, which sometimes books into movies can be a hit or miss. They changed the ending of the movie than what it was in the book. The movie ending definitely makes more sense, than the book ending. But I don’t want to give too much away because you must go out and buy this book and then go see the movie immediately!


Back of the book synopsis:

A single mother’s life is turned upside down when her best friend vanishes in this chilling debut thriller in the vein of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train—now a major motion picture from Lionsgate starring Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively, and Henry Golding, and directed by Paul Feig

“Debut-novelist Darcey Bell ramps up suspense with authority in this domestic thriller, in which actions seem as inevitable as they are chilling. The audience that made Gone Girl a publishing sensation is likely to take to this one, too.”—Booklist (starred review)

It starts with a simple favor—an ordinary kindness mothers do for one another. When glamorous Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son after school, Stephanie happily says yes. Emily has a life that would make any woman jealous. She is the perfect mother with a dazzling career working for a famous fashion designer in Manhattan. Stephanie, a widow with a son in kindergarten, lonely in their Connecticut suburb, turns to her daily blog for connection and validation. Stephanie imagines Emily to be her new confidante and is shocked when Emily suddenly disappears without a trace, leaving her son and husband with no warning.

Stephanie knows something is terribly wrong. Unable to keep away from the grieving family, she soon finds herself entangled with Sean, Emily’s handsome, reticent British husband. But she can’t ignore the nagging feeling that he’s not being honest with her about Emily’s disappearance. Is Stephanie imagining things? How well did she really know her “best” friend?

Stephanie begins to see that nothing—not friendship, love, or even an ordinary favor—is as simple as it seems.

A Simple Favor exposes the dark underbelly of female friendship in this taut, unsettling, and completely absorbing story that holds you in its grip until the final page.



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