Notes To My Future Daughter

Notes To My Future Daughter:


Even though you aren’t here yet, I think about you often. I’m only 21 and I know you probably won’t be here for another 8 or so years, but I want to leave you with some notes. These notes will guide you throughout your life and I hope they will help you.


Note 4

Travel the world while you can. I’m writing this to you now and I’m only 21, but I was able to study abroad in Europe and it was the best experience of my life. I’m sure I’ll tell you all about it and I will end up annoying you about it, because sometimes I get too excited about all the places I’ve been I can’t help it. Trust me. When you travel the world you will understand my excitement. Don’t be afraid to go places you’ve never been before. It’s scary at first, but once you get past all the scary parts it’s incredible. Just please promise me you will travel and be adventures like your dear old mom was.

Note 3 Spend time with your family while you can. I know sometimes they can be annoying, but they love and care about you. They only want the best for you. Friends come and go, but family is forever. Try to take time out of your busy schedule and spend a couple hours with your family. Eventually they won’t be here. Enjoy the time with them while you can. I know I probably annoy you more than anyone. Trust me I’ve been there with your grandma, but I’m just looking out for you. Just like grandma has always looked after me.

Note 2 People are mean sometimes. People are going to judge you even if they don’t know the slightest thing about you. I know it’s hard to not care what people think about you. Trust me I’ve been there, but try hard to not care what others have to say about you. Surround yourself with people who see how beautiful and amazing you are. Most of all be yourself. The good ones will stick around, and the ones who don’t aren’t worth your time to begin with. Stay true to yourself. Don’t change for other people.

Note 1 I want you to know that you can talk to me about anything and everything. No matter what time it is. I do not care if it is the middle of the night. Please know that you can come talk to me. I will always be there for you. I will be your shoulder to cry on because you got your heart broken for the first time, or because you had your first fight with your best friend. I know it may seem odd to you, but I have been in your shoes. I understand what you are going through. Please do not hesitate to come talk to me.